Albania’s National Day

Albania's National Day is November 28th.

Albania’s National Day celebrates Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire on November 28th.

Albania’s Holidays

January 1st – January 2ndNew Year’s Day
March 14thSummer Day
March 22ndNowruz
March 27th – March 28thCatholic Easter
May 1st – May 2ndOrthodox Easter
May 1stMay Day
July 5thEid al-Fitr
September 5thMother Teresa Day
September 12thEid al-Adha
November 28thFlag Day
November 29thLiberation Day
December 8thNational Youth Day
December 25thChristmas Day

Albania’s Admission into the U.N.

December 14, 1955

Albania’s National Anthem:

Himni i Flamurit

Around our flag we stand united,
With one wish and one intention.
A sacred oath upon it we accord,
Faith for our pardon we blazon.
𝄆 From battle only he abstaineth,
For who is born a traitor.
He who a true man frighten’d not,
But to the cause dieth a warrior. 𝄇[b]

With weapons in our hands aflash’d,
Our fatherland we shall defend.
Our sacred rights we shall cede not,
On our land the foe hath a place not.
𝄆 For God himself proclaim’d:
Nations of earth shall abate,
And yet Albania will live and succeed.
For thee, for thee we fight. 𝄇

O Banner, banner, thou symbol hallow’d
Upon thee we now swear.
For Albania, our dear fatherland,
For thy glory and honour.
𝄆 Brave man nam’d and honour’d,
The one who died for the fatherland.
Forever shall he be remember’d
On earth and under as a saint! 𝄇

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