April National Days

April List Of National Days

List of April National Days:

April 1
April Fool’s Day
National One Cent Day
National Sourdough Bread Day
Pillow Fight Day
Reading Is Funny Day
Atheist Day
Fun Day

April 2
Love Your Produce Manager Day
World Autism Day
National Ferret Day
National Peanut Butter And Jelly Day
International Children’s Book Day

April 3
National Chocolate Mousse Day
World Party Day
National Find A Rainbow Day
National Tweed Day
Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

April 4
Jeep 4×4 Day
National Chicken Cordon Bleu Day
National Hug A Newsperson Day
National School Librarian Day
National Walk Around Things Day
National Vitamin C Day
World Rat Day
Ramen Noodle Day

April 5
National Caramel Day
National Deep Dish Pizza Day
National Go For Broke Day
National Raisin And Spice Bar Day
National Read A Road Map Day
Day Of Hope
Star Trek First Contact Day

April 6
National Caramel Popcorn Day
National Sorry Charlie Day
National Student-Athlete Day
National Tartan Day
National Teflon Day
Army Day
Plan Your Epitaph Day
New Beer’s Eve
Tell-A-Lie Day
Ping Pong Day

April 7
National Beer Day
National Coffee Cake Day
National No Housework Day
Walk To Work Day
Beaver Day
World Health Day

April 8
National All Is Ours Day
National Empanada Day
National Zoo Lover’s Day
Buddha’s Birthday

April 9
National Cherish An Antique Day
National Chinese Almond Cookie Day
National Former Prisoner Of War Recognition Day
National Name Yourself Day
Unicorn Day
National Winston Churchill Day
Pancit Day

April 10
National Cinnamon Crescent Day
National Encourage A Young Writer Day
National Farm Animals Day
Siblings Day
Golfer’s Day
International Safety Pin Day

April 11
National Barbershop Quartet Day
National Cheese Fondue Day
National Eight Track Tape Day
National Pet Day
National Submarine Day
Be Kind To Lawyers Day
World Parkinson’s Disease Day
Equal Pay Day

April 12
National Big Wind Day
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
National Licorice Day
Walk On Your Wild Side Day

April 13
National Make Lunch Count Day
National Peach Cobbler Day
National Scrabble Day
National Thomas Jefferson Day

April 14
National Dolphin Day
National Ex-Spouse Day
National PAN American Day
National Pecan Day
National Reach As High As You Can Day
That Sucks Day
Look Up At The Sky Day

April 15
National Glazed Spiral Ham Day
National Rubber Eraser Day
National Take A Wild Guess Day
National Tax Day
National Titanic Remembrance Day
Microvolunteering Day

April 16
National Orchid Day
National Bean Counter Day
National Eggs Benedict Day
National Healthcare Decisions Day
National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
Save The Elephant Day
DJ Day

April 17
National Bat Appreciation Day
National Cheeseball Day
National Ellis Island Family History Day
National Haiku Poetry Day
National Nothing Like A Dame Day
Kickball Day
Ford Mustang Day
World Hemophilia Day
Blah Blah Blah Day

April 18
National Animal Crackers Day
National Columnists’ Day
National Lineman Appreciation Day
Amateur Radio Day
Pet Owner Independence Day
Piñata Day

April 19
National Amaretto Day
National Garlic Day
National Hanging Out Day
National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day
Banana Day
Bicycle Day
Poetry And Creative Mind Day

April 20
National Cheddar Fries Day
National Lima Bean Respect Day
National Look Alike Day
National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day
Chinese Language Day
Volunteer Recognition Day

April 21
National Yellow Bat Day
National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day
National Kindergarten Day
Tea Day
Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

April 22
National Earth Day
National Girl Scout Leader’s Day
National Jelly Bean Day

April 23
National Cherry Cheesecake Day
National Lost Dogs Awareness Day
National Picnic Day
National Take A Chance Day
National Talk Like Shakespeare Day
English Language Day
World Book Night
World Book Day

April 24
National Pigs In A Blanket Day
Teach Your Child To Save Day
Firefly Day

April 25
National DNA Day
National East Meets West Day
National Hug A Plumber Day
National Telephone Day
National Zucchini Bread Day
Malaria Day

April 26
National Audubon Day
National Help A Horse Day
National Kids And Pets Day
National Pretzel Day
National Richter Scale Day
Get Organized Day
World Stationary Day
Hug An Australian Day
International Guide Dogs Day

April 27
National Babe Ruth Day
National Prime Rib Day
National Tell-A-Story Day
Morse Code Day

April 28
National Blueberry Pie Day
National Braveheart’s Day
National Great Poetry Reading Day
Worker’s Memorial Day
National Superhero Day
Biological Clock Day
Cubicle Day

April 29
World Wish Day
National Peace Rose Day
National Shrimp Scampi Day
National Zipper Day
International Dance Day
World Veterinary Day
Go Birding Day
Save The Frogs Day
International Astronomy Day
National Do A Kickflip Day

April 30
National Military Brat’s Day
National Prepareathon Day
National Adopt-A-Shelter Pet Day
National Bugs Bunny Day
National Hairstylist Appreciation Day
National Honesty Day
National Kiss Of Hope Day
National Oatmeal Cookie Day
National Raisin Day
National Sarcoidosis Day
Pinhole Photography Day
International Jazz Day
World Tie Dye Day
National Bubble Tea Day

There are 252 April National Days to celebrate during the year’s fourth month. In the northern hemisphere, April is the second month of Spring. April is named after the Latin name Aprilis.

List of April National Days
Month Long Celebrations and Observances in April
More National Days in April

April Facts:

April has 30 days.
April Birthstone: Diamond
April Colors: White, Yellow, and Red
April birth flowers: Daisy & Sweet Pea

The full moon in April is called the Pink Moon.

Historical Events in April:

April 1, 1954 – The U.S Air Force Academy was established
April 2, 1968 – 2001: A Space Odyssey premieres
April 3, 1860 – The Pony Express Launched
April 4, 1975 – Microsoft is founded
April 5, 1984 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar becomes all-time scoring leader.
April 6, 1889 – George Eastman begins selling Kodak flexible film.
April 7, 1943 – Helmets became mandatory in the NFL
April 8, 1908 – Harvard Business school is founded.
April 9, 1865 – Robert E. Lee surrenders, ending the Civil War
April 10, 1970 – Paul McCartney leaves The Beatles
April 11, 1865 –  President Lincoln delivers last speech
April 12, 1981 – First flight into space for Space shuttle Columbia
April 13, 1964 – Sidney Poitier wins the Academy Award for Best Actor
April 14, 2003 – Human genome sequence completed
April 15, 1955 – McDonald’s restaurant is founded.
April 16, 1912 – Harriet Quimby’s fly across the English Channel
April 17, 1961 – Invasion of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba
April 18, 1906 – San Francisco earthquake
April 19, 2021 – NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter fly’s on Mars
April 20, 1902 – Marie and Pierre Curie Discover Radium
April 21, 1918 – The Red Baron shot down.
April 22, 2016 – Paris Agreement is signed
April 23, 2005 – First YouTube video is uploaded
April 24, 1913 – The Woolworth Building is opened
April 25, 1901 – New York becomes the first state to require license plates.
April 26, 1986 – Chernobyl nuclear accident
April 27, 1981 – the first computer mouse is introduced.
April 28, 2003 – Apple Launches the iTunes Music Store
April 29, 1953 – First 3D TV Program is broadcast.
April 30, 1897 – J.J. Thompson discovers electrons.