February National Days

February National Days

List of February National Days

February 1st
Car Insurance Day
Change Your Password Day
Decorating With Candy Day
G.I. Joe Day
Hula In The Coola Day
International Face And Body Art Day
National Baked Alaska Day
National Dark Chocolate Day
National Freedom Day
National Get Up Day
National Serpent Day
National Signing Day
Rainy Day Day
Robinson Crusoe Day
Spunky Old Broads Day
World Aspergillosis Day

February 2nd
Candlemas Day
Crepe Day
Groundhog Job Shadow Day
Hedgehog Day
Lung Leavin Day
Marmot Day
National Brown Dog Day
National Catchers Day
National Groundhog Day
National Heavenly Hash Day
National River Day (See Also World Rivers Day)
Rheumatoid Awareness Day
Self Renewal Day
Sled Dog Day
Tater Tot Day
World Play Your Ukulele Day
World Wetlands Day

February 3rd
American Painters Day
Bubblegum Day
Doggy Date Night
Elmo’s Birthday
Feed The Birds Day
Four Chaplains Memorial Day
International Golden Retriever Day
National Carrot Cake Day
National Cordova Ice Worm Day
National Missing Persons Day
National Wedding Ring Day
National Women Physicians Day
National Women’s Heart Day
Take A Cruise Day
Working Naked Day

February 4th
Facebook’s Birthday
International Day Of Human Fraternity
Lace Day
Liberace Day
Medjoola Date Day
National Create A Vacuum Day
National Hemp Day
National Homemade Soup Day
National Quacker Day
National Stuffed Mushroom Day
National Thank A Mail Carrier Day
Sweater Day
Torture Abolition Day
Uso Day
World Cancer Day

February 5th
Chocolate Fondue Day
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
Move Hollywood And Broadway To Lebanon, Pennsylvania Day
National Fart Day
National Shower With A Friend Day
National Weatherperson’s Day
Western Monarch Day
World Animal Reiki Day
World Nutella Day

February 6th
International Day Of Zero Tolerance To Female Genital Mutilation
National Chopsticks Day
National Frozen Yogurt Day
National Lame Duck Day
National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day
Pay-A-Compliment Day
Reclaim Social Day
Starman Day

February 7th
Black Hiv/Aids Awareness Day
Hug An Addict Or Alcoholic Day
National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
National Pass Gas Day
National Periodic Table Day
National Send A Card To A Friend Day
Rose Day
Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day

February 8th
Laugh And Get Rich Day
Molasses Bar Day
National Boy Scouts Day
National Kite Flying Day
Propose Day

February 9th
National Bagel Day (National Bagel & Lox Day)
National Cut The Cord Day
National Develop Alternative Vices Day
National Pizza Day
National Toothache Day
Read In The Bathtub Day

February 10th
All The News That’s Fit To Print Day
International Cribbage Day
International Winter Bike To Work Day
National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
National Flannel Day
National Home Warranty Day
National Umbrella Day
Plimsoll Day
Teddy Day
The Inbox Day

February 11th
Be Electrific Day
Get Out Your Guitar And Play Day
Grandmother Achievement Day
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
National Inventors’ Day
National Latte Day
National Make A Friend Day
National Peppermint Patty Day
National Shut-In Visitation Day
National White Shirt Day
Pro Sports Wives Day
Satisfied Staying Single Day
Satisfied Staying Single Day
World Day Of The Sick

February 12th
Darwin Day
Lost Penny Day
National Freedom To Marry Day
National Plum Pudding Day
Red Hand Day
Safety Pup Day

February 13th
Black Love Day
Clean Out Your Computer Day
Desperation Day
Dream Your Sweet Day
Galentine’s Day
Get A Different Name Day
International Condom Day
International Natural Day
Legal Awareness Day
Madly In Love With Me Day
National Apology Day (Sorry Day)
National Break Up With Your Carrier Day
National Cheddar Day
National Crab Rangoon Day
National Indian Pudding Day
National Internet Friends Day
National Poop Day
National Wingman Day
Self-Love Day
World Radio Day

February 14th
Valentines Day
Frederick Douglass Day
Gold Heart Day
International Book Giving Day
International Quirkyalone Day
League Of Women Voters Day
Library Lovers Day
National Black Literacy Day
National Call In Single Day
National Condom Awareness Day
National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day
National Ferris Wheel Day
National Have A Heart Day
National Impotence Day
National Organ Donor Day
Pet Theft Awareness Day
Read To Your Child Day
World Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day
World Sound Healing Day

February 15th
Annoy Squidward Day
Hippo Day
International Angelman Day
International Childhood Cancer Day
Love Reset Day
National Black Girl Magic Day
National Gumdrop Day
National I Want Butterscotch Day
Remember The Maine Day
Singles Awareness Day
St. Skeletor’s Day
Susan B. Anthony Day

February 16th
Innovation Day
National Almond Day
National Do A Grouch A Favor Day
Tim Tam Day

February 17th
Analog To Digital TV Day
Champion Crab Races Day
My Way Day
National Cabbage Day
National Café Au Lait Day
National PTA Founders’ Day
National Public Science Day
National Random Acts Of Kindness Day
National Tennis Pro Day
Who Shall I Be Day
World Human Spirit Day

February 18th
Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day
National Battery Day
National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day
National Drink Wine Day
Pluto Day
Thumb Appreciation Day

February 19th
Anniversary Of Iwo Jima
International Tug-Of-War Day
National Arabian Horse Day
National Chocolate Mint Day
National Lash Day
National Vet Girls Rise Day
Prevent Plagiarism Day
Us Coast Guard Reserve Birthday

February 20th
Clean Out Your Bookcase Day
Handcuff Day
National Cherry Pie Day
National Comfy Day
National Day Of Solidarity With Muslim, Arab And South Asian Immigrants
National Leadership Day
National Love Your Pet Day
National Muffin Day
National Student Volunteer Day
Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day
World Day Of Social Justice

February 21st
Card Reading Day
International Mother Language Day
International Pancake Day
National Grain-Free Day
National Sticky Bun Day

February 22nd
Be Humble Day
European Day For Victims Of Crime
National Cook A Sweet Potato Day
National Margarita Day
National Wildlife Day
Play More Cards Day
Recreational Sports & Fitness Day
Scouts Founder’s Day
Single Tasking Day
Supermarket Employee Day
Walking The Dog Day
World Thinking Day-A Girl Scout Day

February 23rd
Curling Is Cool Day
Diesel Engine Day
National Banana Bread Day
National Chili Day
National Dog Biscuit Day
National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day
National Rationalization Day
National Tile Day
National Toast Day
Pinocchio Day
Play Tennis Day
Tootsie Roll Day
World Understanding And Peace Day

February 24th
Discover Girl Day
I Hate Coriander Day
National Tortilla Chip Day
National Trading Card Day
Twin Peaks Day
World Bartender Day

February 25th
International Sword Swallowers Day
Let’s All Eat Right Day
National Chocolate Covered Nut Day
National Clam Chowder Day
Pistol Patent Day
Quiet Day
Ski Naked Day

February 26th
Carpe Diem Day
For Pete’s Sake Day
Levi Strauss Day
National Letter To An Elder Day
National Pistachio Day
National Set A Good Example Day
National Tell A Fairy Tale Day
Thermos Bottle Day

February 27th
Anosmia Awareness Day
National Kahlua Day
National Polar Bear Day
National Protein Day
National Retro Day
National Strawberry Day
No Brainer Day
Pokemon Day
The Big Breakfast Day
World NGO Day

February 28th
Car Keys And Small Change Day
National Chocolate Souffle Day
National Essay Day
National Floral Design Day
National Public Sleeping Day
National Science Day
National Tooth Fairy Day

February 29th
Bachelor’s Day
International Underlings Day
Leap Day
National Time Refund Day
Superman’s Birthday
Surf And Turf Day

There are 168 February National Days to celebrate during the year’s second month. In the northern hemisphere, February is the third month of winter. Februa, the Roman festival of purification, is what February is named after.

List of February National Days
More National Days in February
Month Long Celebrations and Observances in February

Federal Holiday
Presidents Day (Third Monday of February)

February Facts:

February has 28 days (29 days on a leap year)
February Birthstone: Amethyst
February Colors: Purple, Light Blue, Yellow.
February Birth flower: Violet & Primrose

The full moon in February is called the Snow Moon.

Historical Events in February:

Feb 1st, 1982 – Late Night with David Letterman premieres
Feb 2nd, 1992 – Cold War Ends
Feb 3rd, 1870 – The Fifteenth Amendment Ratified
Feb 4th, 2004 – Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook
Feb 5th, 1917 – Immigration Act of 1917 is passed
Feb 6th, 1926 – First Donut Machine Introduced
Feb 7th, 1984 – First Space Walk
Feb 8th, 1920 – Boy Scouts of America founded
Feb 9th, 1964 – The Beatles make their first appearance on Tv
Feb 10th, 1942 – First Gold Record Awarded
Feb 11th, 1929 – Vatican City becomes an independent state.
February 12, 1909 – NAACP formed
Feb 13th, 2000 – The last Peanuts comic strip published
Feb 14th, 1991 – Silence of the Lambs debut
Feb 15th, 2001: The Human Genome is published.
Feb 16th, 1923 – Archaeologist explores tomb of King Tutankhamen
Feb 17th, 1867 – The first ship passes through the Suez Canal
Feb 18th, 1920 – Pluto Discovered
Feb 19th, 2002 – NASA spacecraft begins mapping mars
Feb 20th, 1962 – first American to orbit Earth
Feb 21st, 1804 – The first self-propelled steam locomotive
Feb 22nd, 1959 – The first Daytona 500
Feb 23rd, 1836 – Mexican army attacks the Alamo. 
Feb 24th, 1582 – Gregorian Calendar instituted by Pope Gregory XIII
Feb 25th,  1836 – Samuel Colt granted patent
Feb 26th, 1919 – Grand Canyon National Park Established
Feb 27th, 1594 – Henry IV is crowned King of France.
Feb 28th, 1983 – Final episode of MASH
Feb 29th, 1940 – Hattie McDaniel wins Academy Award

Notable February National Days:

February is Black History Month. It originally commemorated the accomplishments and struggles of African-Americans in the U.S.. Canada and the U.K. have joined the U.S. in honoring Black History Month.

Presidents Day is the only Federal holiday observed during February.

Valentine’s Day is February’s most popular day. However, a few days have been created as alternatives for Valentine’s Day, like Galentine’s Day and Singles Awareness Day. Valentine’s day is a day of romance, but it’s also a day of stress; consider Madly In Love With Me Day for a fun alternative.

Ash Wednesday is the first day of lent and is observed six weeks before Easter Sunday. Therefore, It can fall on either a day in February or in March. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday and runs from Jan 6th to the day before Ash Wednesday.

On Feb 2nd, the world will be watching on Ground Hogs Day to see if our furry friend will predict six more weeks of winter by seeing its shadow.

There are many fun food days like National Pizza Day, National Margarita Day, National Chili Day, National Drink Wine Day, National Strawberry Day, National Bagel Day, Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, Tater Tot Day, Crepe Day, National Carrot Cake Day, World Nutella Day, and National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Celebrities Born in February: 

Harry Styles, Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Aniston, The Weeknd, Elizabeth Olsen, Buffalo Bill, Lisa Marie Presley, Brandon Lee, Lauren Conrad, Clark Gable, Pauly Shore, Michael C. Hall, Langston Hughes, Shakira, Gemma Arterton, Christie Brinkley, Farrah Fawcett, Isla Fisher, Daddy Yankee, Amal Clooney, Maitland Ward, Rosa Parks, Oscar De La Hoya, Lawrence Taylor, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar.