September National Days

September List Of National Days

List of September National Days:

September 1
Roblox Day
National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day
National Chicken Boy Day

September 2
National Blueberry Popsicle Day
National V-J Day

September 3
U.S. Bowling League Day
National Welsh Rarebit Day
International Skate Park Day

September 4
National Wildlife Day
National Newspaper Carrier Day
National Macadamia Nut Day

September 5
National Cheese Pizza Day

September 6
National Read A Book Day
National Coffee Ice Cream Day

September 7
National Beer Lover’s Day
National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day
National Grandma Moses Day
National Acorn Squash Day
National Salami Day

September 8
National Ampersand Day
National Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day

September 9
National Teddy Bear Day
Care Bears Share Your Care Day
National Wiener Schnitzel Day

September 10
National Swap Ideas Day
National Tv Dinner Day
World Suicide Prevention Day

September 11
National Day Of Service And Remembrance
National Make Your Bed Day
National Hot Cross Bun Day

September 12
National Video Games Day
National Chocolate Milkshake Day
National Day Of Encouragement

September 13
National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day
National Peanut Day
Uncle Sam Day

September 14
National Eat A Hoagie Day
National Live Creative Day
National Cream Filled Donut Day

September 15
Greenpeace Day
National Online Learning Day
National Cheese Toast Day
National Linguine Day
National Felt Hat Day
National Double Cheeseburger Day
National Creme De Menthe Day

September 16
National Play-Doh Day
National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day
National Step Family Day
National Working Parents Day
Mayflower Day
National Guacamole Day

September 17
Constitution Day And Citizenship Day
National Apple Dumpling Day
National Monte Cristo Day
Batman Day

September 18
Air Force Birthday
National Cheeseburger Day
National HIV/AIDS And Aging Awareness Day

September 19
Talk Like A Pirate Day
National Butterscotch Pudding Day

September 20
National Punch Day
National String Cheese Day

September 21
National Pecan Cookie Day

September 22
American Business Women’s Day
National Centenarian’s Day
National White Chocolate Day
World Car Free Day
Dear Diary Day
Elephant Appreciation Day
Hobbit Day
National Ice Cream Cone Day

September 23
National Great American Pot Pie Day
National Snack Stick Day
Dogs In Politics Day
Celebrate Bisexuality Day
Restless Legs Awareness Day

September 24
National Punctuation Day
National Cherries Jubilee Day
Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving

September 25
National Comic Book Day
National One-Hit Wonder Day
National Tune-Up Day
National Research Administrator Day
Math Storytelling Day

September 26
National Good Neighbor Day
National Situational Awareness Day
National Compliance Officer Day
National Dumpling Day
National Johnny Appleseed Day
National Shamu The Whale Day

September 27
National Chocolate Milk Day
National Crush A Can Day
National Corned Beef Hash Day

September 28
National Strawberry Cream Pie Day
National Drink Beer Day

September 29
International Coffee Day

September 30
National Chewing Gum Day
Save Your Photos Day
National Mud Pack Day
National Hot Mulled Cider Day

There are 157 September National Days to celebrate during the year’s ninth month. In the northern hemisphere, August is the first month of Fall. September is named after the Roman word for “seventh” – Septimus

List of September National Days
Month Long Celebrations and Observances in September
More National Days in September

September Facts:

September has 30 days.
September Birthstone: Sapphire
September Colors: Brown and Dark Blue
September Birth Flowers: Aster & Morning Glory

The full moon in September is called the Corn Moon.

Historical Events in September:

September 1, 1982 – The U.S. Air Force Space Command is founded.
September 2, 2008 – Google launches its Google Chrome web browser.
September 3, 1976 – Viking 2 lands on Mars
September 4, 1972 – The Price Is Right premiered on CBS
September 5, 1976 – The first episode of The Muppet Show
September 6, 1916 – First true supermarket opens
September 7, 2021 – El Salvador accepts Bitcoin becomes legal tender
September 8, 1966 –  Star Trek debuts on American television.
September 9, 1947 – The first computer bug was found
September 10, 2008 – Large Hadron Collider conducts first test operation.
September 11, 2001 – World Trade Center attacked by terrorists
September 12, 1959 – The TV series Bonanza premiers on NBC
September 13, 1759 – British defeated the French in the Battle of Quebec.
September 14, 1847 – Mexico City captured by U.S. forces
September 15, 1916 – The tank is used for the first time in combat
September 16, 1908 – General Motors is founded.
September 17, 1976, NASA unveils the first space shuttle
September 18, 1927 – CBS goes on air.
September 19, 1796 – George Washington’s Farewell Address published
September 20, 1973 – Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs.
September 21, 1933 – Mexican professional wrestling is established
September 22, 1994 – The first episode of Friends aired on NBC
September 23, 1981 – Sandra Day O’Connor is sworn in.
September 24, 1989 – Nintendo is founded
September 25, 1789 – U.S. Congress proposes the Bill of Rights
September 26,  1934 – The ocean liner RMS Queen Mary is launched.
September 27, 1905 – Einstein describes E=mc2.
September 28,  2008 – SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 1
September 29,  2008 – Dow falls 777.68 points
September 30, 1968 – the first 747 rolls out of the Everett Plant

Fun Food Days:
Guacamole Day, Cheeseburger Day, Drink Beer Day, Coffee Day
Blueberry Popsicle Day, Cheese Pizza Day, Coffee Ice Cream Day, Dumpling Day, Miso Day, Chocolate Milk Day

Celebrities Born in August:
Zendaya, Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek, Beyoncé, Deshaun Watson, Christopher Reeve, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Pink, Barry Gibb, Terry Bradshaw, Shaun White, Bob Newhart, Freddie Mercury