Filipino American History Month

Filipino American History Month

In the United States Filipino American History Month is celebrated during October.

In 1906., A. F. Judd was an attorney representing the Hawaii Sugar Planters Association (HSPA). The HSPA went to the Philippines and heavily recruited workers to bring them to Hawaii to work in cane fields.

Since then Filipino Americans have become the second largest group among Asian Americans in the US. Even though they live in the US, a lot of Filipino Americans retain the core values that help them to preserve their heritage.  As a result, Filipino’s have brought delicious food like Adobo, Lumpia and Pancit from the Philippines. Filipinos mainly reside in Hawaii, New York, Nevada, New Jersey, California, Washington DC, Virginia, Alaska and even Florida.

Among Asian Americans, Filipino’s have some of the highest percentages of college educated.  Nearly 20 percent of Filipino’s work as registered nurses in the US.

Adaptability is a very common trait for the Filipinos. This could be due to the fact that the Philippines have been an English speaking country for a very long time. Because of this Filipino Americans have a very high rate of assimilation. They are thought to be a very invisible minority.

 Filipino American History Month was introduced as a resolution by the 103rd U.S. Congress to celebrate the contributions of Filipino Americans.


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