List of National Days for Week 11 of 2023

Title Image for Week 11 of 2023
Here are the days to celebrate during Week 11 of 2023.

Sunday Mar 12, 2023

National Girl Scout Day
National Plant A Flower Day
Baked Scallops Day
National Alfred Hitchcock Day
National Working Moms Day
The Start Of Daylight Saving Time
World Day Against Cyber Censorship
World Glaucoma Day

Monday Mar 13, 2023

National K9 Veterans Day
National Coconut Torte Day
National Earmuff Day
National Good Samaritan Day
National Jewel Day
National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
Ken Day
Smart & Sexy Day
International Every Girl Wins Day

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

National Potato Chip Day
National Children’s Craft Day
National Learn About Butterflies Day
National Pi Day
Science Education Day
Crowd Funding Day
Celebrate Scientists Day
Dribble To Work Day
Genius Day
International Ask A Question Day
International Day Of Mathematics
Legal Assistance Day
Moth-Er Day
National Save A Spider Day
National Write Your Story Day
White Day

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023

National Shoe The World Day
National Everything You Think Is Wrong Day
National Pears Helene Day
True Confessions Day
Brutus Day
World Consumer Rights Day
Buzzards Day
Dumbstruck Day
Ides Of March
International Day Against Police Brutality
International Redefining Wealth Day
National Egg Cream Day
National Vo Day
World Contact Day
World Essential Workers Day
World Speech Day

Thursday Mar 16, 2023

National Everything You Do Is Right Day
National Artichoke Hearts Day
National Freedom Of Information Day
Panda Day
Lips Appreciation Day
No Selfies Day
Lumpia Day
Black Press Day
Goddard Day
National Curl Crush Day
National Vaccination Day
St. Urho’s Day

Friday Mar 17, 2023

St. Patrick’s Day
National Corned Beef And Cabbage Day
Camp Fire Girls Day
Doctor-Patient Trust Day
Evacuation Day

Saturday Mar 18, 2023

National Sloppy Joe Day
National Awkward Moments Day
National Biodiesel Day
National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day
B-Boy And B-Girl Day
National Supreme Sacrifice Day
Corn Dog Day
Forgive Mom & Dad Day
Companies That Care Day
Global Recycling Day
Goddess Of Fertility Day
Transit Driver Appreciation Day

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