List of National Days for Week 46 of 2024

Title image for Week 46 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 46 of 2024.

Sunday Nov 10, 2024

Area Code Day
International Accounting Day
National Forget-Me-Not Day
National Vanilla Cupcake Day
Sesame Street Day
World Immunisation Day
World Keratoconus Day
World Science Day For Peace And Development
World Top Up Day
United States Marine Corps Birthday

Monday Nov 11, 2024

National Education Day
National Sundae Day
Pocky Day
Singles Day
Veterans Day
Death/Duty Day
Metal Day

Tuesday Nov 12, 2024

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day
Happy Hour Day
National Fancy Rat And Mouse Day
National French Dip Day
National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day
Origami Day
World Pneumonia Day
Celebrating The Life Of Aaron Swartz
National Chicken Soup For The Soul Day

Wednesday Nov 13, 2024

National Hug A Musician Day
National Indian Pudding Day
National Mom’s And Dad’s Day
Start A Rumor Day
Symphonic Metal Day
World Kindness Day
Sadie Hawkins Day

Thursday Nov 14, 2024

Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day (Lulu)
National American Teddy Bear Day
National Family Pj Day
National Pickle Day
National Seat Belt Day
National Spicy Guacamole Day
Operating Room Nurse Day
Spirit Of National Speakers Association Day
World Diabetes Day

Friday Nov 15, 2024

America Recycles Day
American Enterprise Day
Day Of The Imprisoned Writer
George Spelvin Day
I Love To Write Day
National Bundt (Pan) Day
National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
National Drummer Day
National Family Civility Day
National Philanthropy Day
National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day
Pack Your Mom’s Lunch Day
Raisin Bran Cereal Day
Steve Irwin Day

Saturday Nov 16, 2024

Clarinet Day
Have A Party With Your Bear Day
International Day For Tolerance
National Botox Day
National Button Day
National Check Your Wipers Day
National Fast Food Day
National Black Marketers Day

List of National Days for Week 45 of 2024

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Here are the days to celebrate during Week 45 of 2024.

Sunday Nov 3, 2024

Cliché Day
Give Someone A Dollar Today Day
Japanese Culture Day
National Accessory Day
National Housewife’s Day
National Sandwich Day
Smart Home Day
World Jellyfish Day

Monday Nov 4, 2024

King Tut Day
National Candy Day
National Chicken Lady Day
National Easy-Bake Oven Day
National Use Your Common Sense Day
Roast Dinner Day
National Waiting For The Barbarians Day

Tuesday Nov 5, 2024

Bank Transfer Day
Bonfire Night
National Chinese Take Out Day
National Donut Appreciation Day
National Love Your Red Hair Day
National Redhead Day
World Tsunami Awareness Day
American Football Day
Commercial Tv Broadcast Day
Hawaiian Sweet Bread Day

Wednesday Nov 6, 2024

Marooned Without A Compass Day
National Ladies Learning Code Day
National Nachos Day
National Team Manager Day
Saxophone Day
International Day For Preventing The Exploitation Of The Environment In War And Armed Conflict

Thursday Nov 7, 2024

Halo Day
National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day
National Hug A Bear Day
National Programmatic Advertising Day
National Retinol Day
Notary Public Day
National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

Friday Nov 8, 2024

Abet And Aid Punsters Day
Cook Something Bold And Pungent Day
International Day Of Radiology
Intersex Day Of Remembrance
National Ample Time Day
National Camp T-Shirt Day
National Cappuccino Day
National Country Girls Day
National Dunce Day
National Harvey Wallbanger Day
National Parents As Teachers Day
National STEM/STEAM Day
National X-Ray Day
Talk Money Day
Tongue Twister Day
World Pianist Day
World Town Planning Day Aka World Urbanism Day
Save The World Day

Saturday Nov 9, 2024

British Pudding Day
Carl Sagan Day
Chaos Never Dies Day
Eleven09 Day
Go To An Art Museum Day
Microtia Awareness Day
National Chaos Never Dies Day
National Scrapple Day
World Freedom Day
National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day
The Geriatric Toothfairy Day

List of National Days for Week 44 of 2024

Title image for Week 44 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 44 of 2024.

Sunday Oct 27, 2024

Navy Day
National Black Cat Day
Boxer Shorts Day
Cranky Co-Workers Day
National Civics Day
National Henry C. Ramos Day
National Mentoring Day
Sylvia Plath Day
World Day For Audiovisual Heritage
World Occupational Therapy Day
National American Beer Day

Monday Oct 28, 2024

National Chocolate Day
Statue Of Liberty Day
Honoring The Nation’s First Responders Day
International Animation Day
National Immigrants Day
National Internal Medicine Day
Plush Animal Lover’s Day
Separation Of Church And State Day
St. Jude’s Feast Day
Vote Early Day
Wild Foods Day

Tuesday Oct 29, 2024

National Cat Day
Hug A Sheep Day
International Internet Day
World Psoriasis Day
World Stroke Day
National Oatmeal Day
National Hermit Day

Wednesday Oct 30, 2024

National Candy Corn Day
Buy A Donut Day
Checklist Day
Create A Great Funeral Day
Haunted Refrigerator Night
Mischief Night
National Text Your Ex Day
National Treat Your Pet Day
Pumpkin Bread Day
Sugar Addiction Awareness Day
National Speak Up For Service Day
National Publicist Day
Checklist Day
World Audio Drama Day

Thursday Oct 31, 2024

Books For Treats Day
Carve A Pumpkin Day
National Doorbell Day
National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
National Knock-Knock Jokes Day
Reformation Day
Scare A Friend Day
Sneak Some Of The Candy Yourself Before The Kids Start Knocking Day
Trick-Or-Treat For Unicef Day
World Cities Day
World Savings Day
Dark Matter Day
National Caramel Apple Day
National Knock-Knock Jokes Day
National Magic Day
Girl Scout Founder’s Day

Friday Nov 1, 2024

All Saints’ Day
Author’s Day
Día De Los Angelitos
Extra Mile Day
Give Up Your Shoulds Day
International Scented Candle Day
National Authors’ Day
National Biologic Coordinators Day
National Brush Day
National Calzone Day
National Cinnamon Day
National Cook For Your Pets Day
National Deep Fried Clams Day
National Family Literacy Day
National Go Cook For Your Pets Day
National Pâté Day
Prime Meridian Day
Vinegar Day
World Vegan Day

Saturday Nov 2, 2024

All Souls’ Day
Be The Impact Day
Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day
Cookie Monster Day
Día De Los Muertos
Dynamic Harmlessness Day
Look For Circles Day
National Deviled Egg Day
Practice Being Psychic Day
World Ballet Day
International Day To End Impunity For Crimes Against Journalists

List of National Days for Week 43 of 2024

Title image for Week 43 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 43 of 2024.

Sunday Oct 20, 2024

National Suspenders Day
Chucks-N-Pearls Day
Community Media Day
Information Overload Day
International Chefs Day
Miss American Rose Day
National Call-In Day For Health Reform
National Chicken And Waffles Day
National Day On Writing
National Youth Confidence Day
Office Chocolate Day
The International Day Of The Air Traffic Controller
World Osteoporosis Day
National Brandied Fruit Day

Monday Oct 21, 2024

National Reptile Awareness Day
Apple Day
Babbling Day
Back To The Future Day
Celebration Of The Mind Day
Check Your Meds Day
Count Your Buttons Day
Garbanzo Bean Day
Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day
International Day Of The Nacho
National Pets For Veterans Day
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
National Witch Hazel Day
Reptile Awareness Day
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

Tuesday Oct 22, 2024

National Color Day
National Nut Day
Eat A Pretzel Day
International Caps Lock Day
International Stuttering Awareness Day
National Knee Day
National Make A Dog’s Day
Smart Is Cool Day
Wombat Day

Wednesday Oct 23, 2024

National Boston Cream Pie Day
Event Organizers Day
International Snow Leopard Day
National Canning Day
National Croc Day
National Slap Your Irritating Co-Worker Day
Paralegal Day
National Mole Day
National Tv Talk Show Host Day
Swallows Depart From San Juan Capistrano Day
Ipod Day

Thursday Oct 24, 2024

United Nations Day
Black Thursday
National Crazy Day
National Good & Plenty Day
National Kangaroo Awareness Day
National Senior UTI Awareness Day
Take Back Your Time Day
World Development Information Day
World Polio Day
World Tripe Day
National Food Day
National Bologna Day

Friday Oct 25, 2024

National Greasy Food Day
International Artist Day
National Fine Art Appreciation Day
National I Care About You Day
National Merri Music Day
Punk For A Day Day
World Pasta Day
World Pizza Makers Day
Sourest Day
Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day

Saturday Oct 26, 2024

National Day Of The Deployed
Horseless Carriage Day
Intersex Awareness Day
National Chicken Fried Steak Day
National Financial Crime Fighter Day
National Transgender Children Day
National Vivace Microneedling Day
Worldwide Howl At The Moon Night
National Mule Day
National Pumpkin Day
National Mincemeat Day

List of National Days for Week 42 of 2024

Week 42 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 42 of 2024.

Sunday Oct 13, 2024

Navy Birthday
National No Bra Day
National Headband Day
Disaster Day
International Civility For The Girl Child Day
International Day For Disaster Reduction
International Day For Failure
International Plain Language Day
International Suit Up Day
Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
National Herpes Awareness Day
National M&M Day
National Transfer Money To Your Son Day
Silly Sayings Day
Treat Yo’ Self Day
World Thrombosis Day
National Train Your Brain Day
International Skeptics Day

Monday Oct 14, 2024

Be Bald And Be Free Day
National Dessert Day
National Chocolate-Covered Insect Day
National Frump Day
National I Love You Day
National Lowercase Day
World Standards Day

Tuesday Oct 15, 2024

National I Love Lucy Day
Global Handwashing Day
Adventure Day
International Day Of Rural Women
International Independent Video Store Day
My Mom Is A Student Day
National Chicken Cacciatore Day
National Fetch Day
National HSA Awareness Day
National Lemon Bar Day
National Mushroom Day
National Pug Day
National Roast Pheasant Day
National Shawarma Day
Sewing Lovers Day
Shine A Light Night
World Student’s Day
National Aesthetician Day
National Cheese Curd Day
National Grouch Day
National Latino Aids Awareness Day
National Pregnancy And Infant Loss Awareness Day
National White Cane Safety Day

Wednesday Oct 16, 2024

National Cut Up Your Credit Card Day
National Learn A Word Day
Steve Jobs Day
World Food Day
World Spine Day
National Liqueur Day
National Dictionary Day
National Feral Cat Day
Department Store Day
Global Cat Day
Global Cat Day

Thursday Oct 17, 2024

National Mulligan Day
National Pasta Day
International Roller Skating Day
Forgive An Ex Day
Four Prunes Day
International Day For The Eradication Of Poverty
National Playing Card Collection Day
Pay Back A Friend Day
Spreadsheet Day
Wear Something Gaudy Day
World Trauma Day
Black Poetry Day
National Edge Day

Friday Oct 18, 2024

National Chocolate Cupcake Day
International Legging Day
National Exascale Day
World Menopause Day
National No Beard Day

Saturday Oct 19, 2024

National Seafood Bisque Day
Dress Like A Dork Day
Evaluate Your Life Day
International Gin And Tonic Day
New Friends Day
World Pediatric Bone And Joint Day
National Lgbt Center Awareness Day

List of National Days for Week 41 of 2024

Title image for Week 41 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 41 of 2024.

Sunday Oct 6, 2024

National German-American Day
National Noodle Day
Garlic Lovers Day
Inbox Zero Day
Jackie Mayer Rehab Day
National Badger Day
National Coaches Day
National Energy Geek Day
National Orange Wine Day
National Physician Assistant Day
National Plus Size Appreciation Day
National Transfer Money To Your Daughter Day
World Cerebral Palsy Day
National Mad Hatter Day

Monday Oct 7, 2024

National Led Light Day
International Day Of Peaceful Communication
National Bathtub Day
National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day
National Flower Day
National Forgiveness And Happiness Day
National Inner Beauty Day
National Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day
Team Margot Stem Cell And Bone Marrow Awareness Day
World Cotton Day
You Matter To Me Day
National Frappe Day

Tuesday Oct 8, 2024

National Touch Tag Day
Alvin C. York Day
International Birth Registration Day
International Lesbian Day
International Off-Road Day
International Podiatry Day
National Harbormaster Appreciation Day
National Salmon Day
World Octopus Day
National Fluffernutter Day
National Pierogi Day

Wednesday Oct 9, 2024

Curious Events Day
Fire Prevention Day
International Beer And Pizza Day
National C60 Day
National Digitool Day
National Sneakers Day
Nautilus Night
Pans/Pandas Awareness Day
Scrubs Day
Submarine-Hoagie-Hero-Grinder Day
World Post Day
National Moldy Cheese Day

Thursday Oct 10, 2024

National Handbag Day
International Stage Management Day
National Cake Decorating Day
National Hug A Drummer Day
National Metric Day
National Tuxedo Day
National Walk To A Park Day
Powers Of Ten Day
Shift10 Day
Squid And Cuttlefish Day
World Animal Road Accident Awareness Day
World Day Against The Death Penalty
World Homeless Day
World Inclusion Day
World Mental Health Day
World Plant-Based Burger Day
World Porridge Day
National Angel Food Cake Day
National Cake Decorating Day
Banh Mi Day

Friday Oct 11, 2024

National Sausage Pizza Day
Black Girl Day Off
International Day Of The Girl Child
Kraken Day
National It’s My Party Day
National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day
National Spread Joy Day
Southern Food Heritage Day
You Go, Girl Day
National Coming Out Day
General Pulaski Memorial Day

Saturday Oct 12, 2024

National Farmer’s Day
Cookbook Launch Day
Day Of Respect For Cultural Diversity
Día De La Raza Mexico
International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day
National Savings Day
Pulled Pork Day
World Arthritis Day
National Freethought Day
National Gumbo Day

List of National Days for Week 51 of 2024

Title image for Week 51 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 51 of 2024.

Sunday Dec 15, 2024

National Wear Your Pearls Day
National Cupcake Day
National Lemon Cupcake Day
Bill Of Rights Day
Cat Herders Day

Monday Dec 16, 2024

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
Boston Tea Party Day
Stupid Toy Day
Barbie And Barney Backlash Day

Tuesday Dec 17, 2024

Wright Brothers Day
National Maple Syrup Day
National Device Appreciation Day
Pan American Aviation Day

Wednesday Dec 18, 2024

National Bake Cookies Day
Flake Appreciation Day
International Migrants Day
National Ham Salad Day
National Twin Day
National Wear A Plunger On Your Head Day
World Arabic Language Day
Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day
National Roast Suckling Pig Day

Thursday Dec 19, 2024

National Hard Candy Day
National Oatmeal Muffin Day
Look For An Evergreen Day
National Emo Day
National Holly Day

Friday Dec 20, 2024

National Sangria Day
Cathode-Ray Tube Day
Dot Your I’s Day
Games Day
Go Caroling Day
International Human Solidarity Day
Sacagawea Day
Mudd Day

Saturday Dec 21, 2024

National French Fried Shrimp Day
International Dalek Remembrance Day
National Armagnac Day
National Coquito Day
National Look At The Bright Side Day
Ribbon Candy Day
Humbug Day
Phileas Fogg Win A Wager Day
National Flashlight Day
Crossword Puzzle Day

List of National Days for Week 50 of 2024

Title image for Week 50 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 50 of 2024.

Sunday Dec 8, 2024

Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day
National Brownie Day
Feast Of The Immaculate Conception
National Blue Collar Day
National Christmas Tree Day
National Health Savings Account Day
National Lard Day
Take It In The Ear Day

Monday Dec 9, 2024

National Pastry Day
Bike Shop Day
Christmas Card Day
Genocide Prevention Day
International Anti-Corruption Day
International Day Of Veterinary Medicine
National Llama Day
World Techno Day
Weary Willie Day

Tuesday Dec 10, 2024

Nobel Prize Day
Festival For The Souls Of Dead Whales
International Animal Rights Day
National Lager Day
Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
Rice Cooker Day
Dewey Decimal System Day
Human Rights Day

Wednesday Dec 11, 2024

International Mountain Day
National Noodle Ring Day
Holiday Food Drive For Needy Animals Day
National App Day
Unicef Birthday

Thursday Dec 12, 2024

National Ding-A-Ling Day
International Day Of Heavy Metal
Poinsettia Day
Festival Of Unmentionable Thoughts
International Day Of Neutrality
International Sound Check Day
International Universal Health Coverage Day
National Ambrosia Day
Gingerbread House Day
Pho Day

Friday Dec 13, 2024

National Cocoa Day
National Day Of The Horse
National Violin Day
National Cream Cheese Frosting Day
U.S. National Guard Birthday
Pick A Pathologist Pal Day

Saturday Dec 14, 2024

National Bouillabaisse Day
Free Shipping Day
Martyred Intellectuals Day
Monkey Day
More Good Today Day
National Energy Conservation Day
Roast Chestnuts Day

List of National Days for Week 49 of 2024

Title image for Week 49 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 49 of 2024.

Sunday Dec 1, 2024

National Bartender Appreciation Day
National Christmas Lights Day
National Cookie Cutter Day
National Eat A Red Apple Day
National Peppermint Bark Day
National Women Support Women Day
World Aids Day
Rosa Parks Day
National Eat A Red Apple Day
Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day
Day With(Out) Art Day

Monday Dec 2, 2024

National Mutt Day
Business Of Popping Corn Day
International Day For The Abolition Of Slavery
National Anytime Hawaiian Day
National Build Joy Day
National Skip School Day
Play Basketball Day
Safety Razor Day
World Computer Literacy Day
World Pollution Prevention Day
National Fritters Day
Special Education Day

Tuesday Dec 3, 2024

National Roof Over Your Head Day
International Day Of Persons With Disabilities
Let’s Hug Day
Make A Gift Day
National Green Bean Casserole Day

Wednesday Dec 4, 2024

National Dice Day
National Cookie Day
Cabernet Franc Day
Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day
International Cheetah Day
International Day Of Banks
Santa’s List Day
Wear Brown Shoes Day
World Wildlife Conservation Day
National Sock Day
National Reconciliation Day

Thursday Dec 5, 2024

National Bathtub Party Day
International Ninja Day
Afl-Cio Day
Celebrate Shelter Pets Day
International Volunteer Day
National Blue Jeans Day
National Communicate With Your Kids Day
National Commute With Your Baby Day
National Repeal Day
World Soil Day
National Sacher Torte Day

Friday Dec 6, 2024

National Microwave Oven Day
St. Nicholas Day
Mitten Tree Day
Put On Your Own Shoes Day
National Pawnbrokers Day
National Gazpacho Day
Miners’ Day

Saturday Dec 7, 2024

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
International Civil Aviation Day
Letter Writing Day
National Cotton Candy Day

List of National Days for Week 48 of 2024

Week 48 of 2024

Here are the days to celebrate during Week 48 of 2024.

Sunday Nov 24, 2024

Brownielocks Day
Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
D.B. Cooper Day
Jo Koy Day
National Sardines Day
National Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day

Monday Nov 25, 2024

International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women
National Parfait Day
Shopping Reminder Day

Tuesday Nov 26, 2024

Good Grief Day
National Anti Obesity Day
National Cake Day
World Lewis Day

Wednesday Nov 27, 2024

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day
National Craft Jerky Day
National Electric Guitar Day
National Pins And Needles Day
Pie In The Face Day
Turtle Adoption Day

Thursday Nov 28, 2024

Make Your Own Head Day
National French Toast Day
Red Planet Day

Friday Nov 29, 2024

National Electronic Greetings Day
National Lemon Creme Pie Day
National Tuxedo Cat Day
Customer Is Wrong Day
International Day Of Solidarity With The Palestinian People
Isdal Woman Day
Throw Out Your Leftovers Day

Saturday Nov 30, 2024

Cities For Life Day
Computer Security Day
National Mason Jar Day
National Meth Awareness Day
National Mousse Day
Perpetual Youth Day (Dick Clark’s Birthday)
St. Andrew’s Day
Stay Home Because You’re Well Day
Day Of Remembrance For All Victims Of Chemical Warfare
National Personal Space Day