List of National Days for Week 12 of 2023

Title Image for Week 12 of 2023
Here are the days to celebrate during Week 12 of 2023.

Sunday Mar 19, 2023

National Certified Nurses Day
National Chocolate Caramel Day
National Let’s Laugh Day
National Poultry Day
International Read To Me Day
Deskfast Day
Clients Day
National Automatic Door Day
National Backyard Day
National Stretch Mark Day
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Day

Monday Mar 20, 2023

Mr. Rogers Day
National Ravioli Day
National Native Hiv/Aids Awareness Day
National Proposal Day
Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day
Snowman Burning Day
World Storytelling Day
Kiss Your Fiance Day
International Day Of Happiness
Alien Abduction Day
Bibliomania Day
Crawfish Cravers Awareness Day
Dogs In Yellow Day
Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
French Language Day
Great American Meatout
Hufflepuff Pride Day
Macron Day
National Bock Beer Day
National Jump Out! Day
National Wellderly Day
World Behavior Analysis Day
World Day Of Theater For Children And Young People
World Flour Day
World Frog Day
World Oral Health Day
World Sparrow Day

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

National Single Parent Day
National California Strawberry Day
National Common Courtesy Day
National Fragrance Day
National French Bread Day
World Down Syndrome Day
World Poetry Day
International Day Of Forests
Big Bang Day
Credit Card Reduction Day
Education Freedom Day
Free Cone Day
Harmony Day
International Colour Day
International Day For The Elimination Of Racial Discrimination
International Race Relations Day
National Agriculture Day
National Countdown Day
National Crunchy Taco Day
National Day Of Action On Syringe Exchange
National Healthy Fats Day
National Renewable Energy Day
National Teenager Day
Slytherin Pride Day
Spring Fairy Fun Day
Twitter Day
Vermouth Day
World Puppetry Day
World Tattoo Day

Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

National Goof Off Day
National Bavarian Crepes Day
World Water Day
As Young As You Feel
Gryffindor Pride Day
International Day Of The Seal
International Talk Like William Shatner Day

Thursday Mar 23, 2023

National Chip And Dip Day
National Chia Day
National Near Miss Day
National Melba Toast Day
Puppy Day
Atheist Day
Cuddly Kitten Day
National Tamale Day
Ok Day
Ravenclaw Pride Day
World Meteorological Day

Friday Mar 24, 2023

National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
Tuberculosis Day
National Cocktail Day
Day Of Remembrance For Truth And Justice
Flatmate’s Day
International Day For Achievers
International Day For The Right To The Truth Concerning Human Rights Violations And For The Dignity Of Victims
National Adverse Drug Event Awareness Day
National Cheesesteak Day
National Each Person Is A Person Of Worth Day

Saturday Mar 25, 2023

National Waffle Day
National Lobster Newburg Day
National Medal Of Honor Day
National Tolkien Reading Day
Brother And Sister Day
International Day Of Remembrance Of The Victims Of Slavery And The Transatlantic Slave Trade
International Day Of Solidarity With Detained And Missing Staff Members
National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day
National Day Of Celebration Of Greek And American Democracy
National Omazing You Day
The Feast Of The Annunciation
World Retrospective Day

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