List of National Days for Week 27 of 2023

Title Image for Week 27 of 2023
Here are the days to celebrate during Week 27 of 2023.

Sunday Jul 2, 2023

Foam Blaster Day
National Anisette Day
I Forgot Day
World Ufo Day
Freedom From Fear Of Speaking Day
Made In The Usa Day
National Disco Day
National Report Military Fraud Day
National Wildland Firefighter Day
Special Recreation For The Disabled Day
World Sports Journalists Day

Monday Jul 3, 2023

National Eat Your Beans Day
National Fried Clam Day
National Chocolate Wafer Day
Disobedience Day
Stay Out Of The Sun Day
Compliment Your Mirror Day
International Plastic Bag Free Day
Air Conditioning Day
American Redneck Day
International Drop Rock Day
National Independent Beer Run Day

Tuesday Jul 4, 2023

Independence Day (USA)
National Barbecued Spareribs Day
National Caesar Salad Day
Independence From Meat Day
Alice In Wonderland Day
Filipino-American Friendship Day
Indivisible Day
Invisible Day
Jackfruit Day
National Country Music Day
National Hillbilly Day
Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

Wednesday Jul 5, 2023

National Bikini Day
National Apple Turnover Day
National Graham Cracker Day
Mechanical Pencil Day
National Workaholics Day
Work Without Your Hands Day

Thursday Jul 6, 2023

National Fried Chicken Day
International Kissing Day
Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day
Umbrella Cover Day
National Air Traffic Control Day
National Hand Roll Day
Virtually Hug A Virtual Assistant Day
World Zoonoses Day

Friday Jul 7, 2023

National Strawberry Sundae Day
National Father Daughter Take A Walk Day
National Macaroni Day
World Chocolate Day
Global Forgiveness Day
Tell The Truth Day
Comic Sans Day
International Peace & Love Day
National Day Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
National Dive Bar Day
National Dora Day

Saturday Jul 8, 2023

National Chocolate With Almonds Day
Scud Day
Lego Minifigure Day
Be A Kid Again Day
Math 2.0 Day
National Blueberry Day
National Freezer Pop Day
National Ice Cream Sundae Day
National Love Your Skin Day
National Video Game Day
Oneofusismissing Day

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